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The Torah and The Tarot

– or how the Tarot saved an ancient knowledge from extinction, and the mystery that was uncovered.

The Hebrew Torah, that is the Five Books of Moses also known as the Pentateuch, has within it a tapestry of images.  These images are formed by geometries which are in turn formed by letters that are discerned by pairings found by a mathematical arrangement of the full letter set of the Hebrew Torah  (Please see the download section below.)   The tapestry formed is quite beyond the abilities of the people who were involved in its original transcription to have constructed it within the corpus such a text.  That assemblage began sometime around 3,500 years ago, or about 1,500 B.C.E..  Those dates will be familiar to those studying Ancient Archaeology of the Nile Delta in Egypt, it is linked to an ancient people known as the Hyksos, and their expulsion from that area of Egypt.  It also introduces historical facts that have been left out of the scenario due to falsified information through history on the parts of involved parties, and governmental entities.  With the knowledge of geophysically related events and changes in world political structures, we can now put a more positive date on the Exodus so-called.  And I can now offer corresponding research, and corroborative evidence as a proof that the events in the Hebrew account of the Exodus do have a rational and scientific order.  I would like to add that I postulate the image set formed in the letters is original to the Torah, being a property of the process of the transcribing of the text.  That is to say; It was all put in unconsciously by the scribe(s), and was only discovered as I discovered it; by Mathematical process. This may bring a lot of questions to mind for anyone familiar with the Torah, as a Scroll or as a Codex.  However we live in a time when new discoveries that rewrite our understanding of this reality are being made by the minute!  How can we not look at this as a part of that knowledge boom and quantum leap in human evolution and understanding?  Let this sink in for a second, because this will be without a doubt a most profound re-discovery about this text in the entire history of the Hebrew Torah to date.  But like the Voynich Manuscript, which was found recently to contain formularies and recipes in patterns of images and letters, so the Torah can now be viewed in much the same manner - though not in the same way.  There are literally 'innumerable' letter patterns that produce information in the structures of the text, but there is more for us to see in our day in the 'encoding' and all due to technology.  The Torah was known in the distant past to have a set of patterns in the letters however, it was kept for initiates into the High Priesthood - the Intelligentsia.  Now we too can come to see and understand what is hidden within the letters of the Torah text, and that creditable to our known record of human history to date.  However for the Jews, the full extent of that knowledge base of so long ago, is now erased and is now long forgotten among the Jewish People and their Scholars.

My name is Manuel Colunga-Hernandez, and the Hebrew Torah has been my life project for some 20 years now.  The work has been to examine the text for what I have understood for some time, was a book of science, hidden within the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy.  And by a series of literal quantum leaps in understanding and awareness, that led to some amazing discoveries, I learned how to uncover the real science within the text of the Hebrew Torah.  That Science is in the form of letters that form images that may be most familiar to some people.  the images are formed in linear and other geometries.  I hope to bring forth as a posited theorem: That there is in fact a sort of master key, that is to say there is a method to unlock all this to the reader that is very ancient and I posit it was the ancient science known only to the High Priesthood and intelligentsia of ancient Israel.‐ But this information is not something that was only the property of Israel - this is a record of time, and it is not entirely of Human origin.

The Ancient of Days
            letter #4043 to #8531.

The 'Animal-like Head'
            from Rabbi Breuers Torah edit.

This is the first grid of a tapestry made by following a simple mathematical process and provides in the end, an image set that spans from Genesis 3:22, to the end of Deuteronomy.  This grid runs from letter #4043 (Genesis 03:22:05:02) to #8531 (Genesis 07:13:02:03).  The grid contains 4489 spaces, depicted here in either white or black.  The black spaces are letters that match at their particular column space to either side of the center column.  Any line where the center column matches a matching pair of letters on that line is also colored in (or 'mapped'.)  The left from the Traditional Hebrew Text, showing the Great White-Haired One, who is also referred to in the Book of Concealment as the, Ancient of Days.   And on the right a mapping of the Mordechai Breuer Edit of the same text area.  (Dr. Breuer's text later became, 'The Keter Torah'.)  This configuration also occurs in Codex Leningradensis, and must thus assumed to have been also present in what was Codex Aleppo's original Torah portion.  The change in the mapping is due to the removal of two 'waw's or vav's' in this field of text, which are made up elsewhere along in the letter line.  It must be borne in mind: This image is formed by the removing from this array, two letters of text, yet another field array appears that can also be said to provide a logical, identifiable image.

It has been known by the Jewish Sages who have sought out 'codes' and anagrams for two thousand years or more, that there is something greater waiting to be found in the Torah.  Some very brilliant minds tried to find what they thought were 'numeric' and letter patterns in the Hebrew text.  Among them were the likes of President Thomas Jefferson, our second President of the United States, who produced a Polyglot New Testament, and sought out patterns in the text of the Hebrew Bible.  Sir Isaac Newton, did a great deal of study in the Hebrew text.  Not to mention the other non-Jewish researchers who have known of legends and tales of mystical things hidden in the Bible's letters, and tried and failed to find that 'one' key.  They all had suspicions of there being 'a master plan', and some were able to find bits and pieces through the stories of the Sages.  However none of them ever approached the real key to the text and its hidden set of images.  In 1996, the phenomena of the 'Bible Codes,' as the study is popularly known, came to the general public's attention.  It was originally brought to light by the work of Rabbi Michael Ber Weismandel, A truly rememarkable person, who reinvigorated forgotten studies spoken of by ancient Rabbis.  Though the initial writing on the subject was greatly sensationalized by Michael Drosnin, a former reporter for the Washington Post, in his book "the Bible Code."  But it was a book published in 1997, by Dr. Jeffery Satinover, "Cracking the Bible Code," that inspired the author's interest in these studies (and that all thanks to his wife, finding it in the first place!).  The Bible or Torah Codes are words that are formed by skipping letters at a specific spacing in a given area of text.  Words, phrases, names, events - all encoded within the letters of the text.  Few, if any, have ever succeeded in getting so far as to be able to unlock the mathematical structure of the text or even realize it.  And those who obviously did, were people much closer to the times just after the experiences recorded in the books of the Torah.

Many are the tales told by the Sages of Hebrew reknown and there really is something to the legends passed down to us from those people of long ago, but the true meaning of the stories and the secrets they answer have been forgotten, but that was made to happen and for a specific reason: A crime that the purpetrators did not want anyone to find.  But like the old adage goes, 'G-d will always find you out!' and so it is proven true.  The rediscovery of this material is going to prove that true.

However, the difference between the 'Bible Codes' schema and the work I came to do, is that instead of 2-dimensional arrays, with Equdistant Letter Spaced words, I was looking into 3-dimensional arrays that would produce search strings in a three-dimensional cubic array of text and plot all x,y and z related strings as well.  In the beginning I was working with a 2-dimensional array, a 42 lettered verse in Genesis (Genesis 5:2 to be exact,) that came to my attention.  In laying it out 7 letters wide and 6 lines deep, I found could derive NON-ELS patterns within the grid that made an array of terms which were all associated with the subject of the face-on text.  I noticed a structure to the grids arrangement that lent itself to an idea I had struck upon: that it would be possible to derive three-dimensional structures in the text.  It was at that point Something urged me to pursue the most practical way of examining the text in 3-dimensions.  Of course it was easy enough to imagine the process;  one has to find and derive cubic arrays form the total number of letters in the text!  It was then that I knew I was onto something.  As anyone who knows any mathematics can plainly see  -  you cannot derive a whole number cube root from the number 304,805, it will come out in fractional terms.  What came to me almost immediately was to derive the largest whole cube root possible and continue the operation on the remaindered number of each operation until all complete whole cube roots that could be derived were obtained.  It was that method that has led to my 20 years of research .  I don't know how to put this any other way, than to say, "I knew they were in there to begin with."  And it was that drive that kept me pressing on to finish the entire layout according to the pattern of arrays the mathematical operations produced.

One derivation from a
            field set.

This construction is contained in a section that refers to Moses and Aaron.  There can also be formed an 'IB', a canopic jar used in Ancient Egypt, during embalming, that contained the heart of the deceased. The configuration is clearly a Bee, complete with gathered pollen on its hind limbs.  If you view this in a good imaging application, you will easily discern the head of the First High Priest, Aaron, Brother of Moses.  This single grid when connected with the grid above completes a panel with Moses, a Scribe in between, and Aaron at the bottom of the set in the upright position.  It is the illustration of the verses concerning Moses being concerned about being able to speak to Pharoah or the Hebrew People,(Moses had speech impediment of some sort,): Exodus 4:16 "He (Aaron) will speak to the people for you.  He will be your spokesman, and you shall be his guide."

Some of the illustrations on this page are images that were known of in the very early history of the Torah.  The knowledge was lost to them due to the removal of information that would lead to a student understanding the process of using the Master Key.  The memorizing of the Torah's 'inner secrets' in early times is now only preserved in the Zohar and that only in one small portion.  Though it may seem strange, there has been a keeper of these secrets among us for some time now, and it resides in the modern Tarot.  The 'Tarot' in Old French meaning 'Wheel', was reimagined and produced by the schools of Western Ceremonial Magicks and authors who were deeply involved with the resurgence of the Spiritualist movements of the late 19th century.  The Taro(h), as I have now come to know it, is really made up of the images from the Torah, put into an easily hidden manner to carry and disguised for preservation of the knowledge contained in those specific images.  The Tarot as a set of images, must came about in the 1100's due to the increased persecutions by the Church and other cultures that persisted for so long in Europe, against the Jews.  There are historical references made by many scholars that during the early Dark Ages much of the Oral Tradition, was put to Codex form to prevent it from being lost.  In the case of the Tarot this could only be reproduced in an incomplete and broken way, the reason being that most of the teaching was by that time many generations on from the original and in a traditional form that was changed over time.  Like the Torah text itself, (which is remarkably intact,) it was subject to the ability of the keeper and the transmitter to repeat without ellision the exact words of the teachings, and if you have as a child played Chinese Telephone, you remember that it doesn't take many links to lose the complete and true message.  With this re-discovery we can find out just how accurate that transmission was.  I must say that G-d's Words in spite of mankind - have been kept close enough to the original form in some places to verify the pieced together history I have and that I illustrate to you.

The 'Gypsies,' that is the Romany Peoples, are the ones credited with having first produced a 'fortune telling card deck'  -  The oldest extant deck of Tarot Cards is from the 1300's and was produced in Italy.  That deck is very elaborate in its imagery, however it must have had some kind of predecessor, as it is 'too finished' and stylized to not have been taken from a template.  In reading through studies by people who dedicated themselves to finding the origins of the Tarot we have today, we are consistently told that the knowledge is old and came from the Jews and Egyptians and possibly even earlier in a much more basic form.  The Torah, is not and never was meant to be just a 'religious' document.  In these years of study I have come to find that we could look at it as a 'message' to the future, from the past; as I intend to show in the materials which I present.

High Priestess - As

High Priestess - the Law

First three grids

Andromeda: Mastry over
            Men is her name - the Law.

Torah on lap

To the far left is an image I photographed from my first 'rough draft' of the mapping, and from my first attempts at imaging came this portrayal:  I saw the Woman as a Judge sitting in a Stone seat of Judgment; which recalls the legend of Andromeda chained to the stone seat of sacrifice.  So too the Beit Din (a judge) must sacrifice the self for the greater good of humanity around them, relying not on their opinion but a considered set of opinions and only then by the logic granted them, decide.  Of course She is Andromeda, properly portrayed.  And Andromeda has three words that form her mouth and two lips: A-D-M, Sh-B-T, A-D-M, that is to interpret in the most simplistic of terms that She 'speaks PEACE BETWEEN MEN', which is what makes us a civilized society whoever we may be, She is the LAW.  Second from left is the image from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck of the High Priestess.  The third image is a combined photograph digitized, as the letters appear as black or white squares in a matrix mapping the text that spans the first three grids: letter #4043 to #17509..  The fourth is a simplified sketch I did recently, in PhotoShop.  It must be remembered, Andromeda, was 'Ethiopian.'  And like Mose's wife, Saphira, an Abyssinian.  That is to say She, was a Black, Semitic, African.  There is a longstanding tradition that says the Ethiopians were related to Israel through King Menelik the First (c. 950 B.C.E.), who was the son of Solomon ben David HaMelek, and Makeda, ancient Queen of Sheba (SABA) which is considered an ancestral root of the Aethiopian People on the Arabian Peninsula, and were succeeded by the Peoples who later migrated into the Afar and the lands that are now modern day Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia.  However, ancient Cush, is to the South of the ancient Egyptian empire and was situated in what is termed the Nubian Kingdom.  (Note Miriam's argument against Moses wife Zippora the in the book of Numbers vs. the claim in the text that Moses went to Midian - which is situated North of what was the Sabaen Kingdom.  There is evidence of an edit in this section of the text.)  The detail picture of the High Priestess, shows the word "TORA", which is indicating she interprets the Law to Humankind; if one looks closely you can see the word 'TORH' as well, this is the anglicized transliteration of the word 'Torah' from the Hebrew.  This is related to a legend of this word in its Hebrew form ('TORH,') appearing at a specific letter spacing in all five books - which it does.  See Gerald Schroeder,"Genesis and the Big Bang."  Below is a recent redrawing using a 'connect the dots system' to follow logical curves, angles and lines.

High Priestess -

One might ask why the Jews were always selected to be the scapegoats?  -  And to help you better understand the answer, I would refer you to a book such as, In Pursuit of the Millennium by Norman Cohn.  The book is a marvelous study of millennialist movements and witch-hunts, outlining the type of rampant hatred of Jews that was prevalent1, and the madness of people during hard times or times of disease always seeking out the minority as the problem, the scapegoat.  And as we see in our own day, Antisemitism was and is to be found commonly in Europe and the Middle East, but is now almost world-wide.  At this point I would like to add that besides the outlines of them being scapegoated, there is another reason for their being brought almost to demise:  The Torah itself.  You see the Jewish People are called and call themselves, "The People of the Book."  But the 'Book'is not the 'Bible', it is actually the TORAH Scroll, that set is the basis of all Judaism.  I believe that the function of the pogroms, and the persecutions and genocide of the Second World War were all meant to eliminate the Jews and the Torah from the face of the Earth.  There is something that drives some of Humanity to exterminate that scroll from existence, just like something drove me to find what I have found.  The Tarot images as we will come to see, are actually teachings that came from oral traditions in Kabbalah, that in turn came in the beginning from having a full knowledge of the master key.  The clearest example of the teachings that the Tarot was supposed to contain, are outlined in a book that was inserted during the compilation of the Zohar, which took place in the 13th century.  And the Tarot no doubt in a form similar to the one we know in our day, was meant to prevent the ancient message from disappearing for good, if the ones entrusted with the teachings were killed by chance the mnemonic would still exist.  And therefore be still available to those that still understood the teachings. So the teachings would continue to survive as long as there were members alive who still understood the mnoemics.  But as we can see through this re-discovery, the Tarot keeps most of the major imagery in our modern classical versions, but loses much in way of inter-relationship and completeness when compared with the Hebrew text.

How I photographed each

This is how I photographed each plate of text.  Each was photographed and then put into a photo-processor application for cleaning up.  I am presently rephotographing each grid a second time with all known corrections of mistakes and to proper proportions for viewing connected or separately.

The Zohar:  Considered chief among the ancient writings of Kabbalah that come down to us from the medieval times,  Sefer ha-Zohar, or 'The Book of Radiance,' is a compilation of wisdom teachings that form a running commentary of the Torah given to us by the words of a Company of Companions as they travel along the various ways in Judea.  It first appeared in Spain in the mid-to-late 1200's and was credited to Rabbi Moses De Leon.  It was at that time reputed to be a collection of ancient teachings that were gathered into a commentary, and appeared initially as a series of pamphlet style publications known as a 'Tract' which is a way of serializing a work.  And it may have very well been the product of Rabbi De Leon's own inspired imagination being mixed in with collections of Rabbinical traditional teachings on the Torah.  I would personally find it an amazing feat of writing if it were only that alone, however it is much more that just a feat.  One section which will be discussed later, is most assuredly, very ancient.  And some of, if not the vast majority of the texts, may have been actually 'automatically written'.  Dr. Daniel Matt wrote in his book, The Essential Kabbalah ‐ the Heart of Jewish Mysticism,2 of the Zohar:  "More than a scribe, [Moses] De Leon was the composer of the Zohar.  He drew on earlier material; he may have collaborated with other Kabbalists; and he may have genuinely believed that he was transmitting ancient teachings.  Indeed parts of the Zohar may have been composed through automatic writing, a technique in which the mystic would meditate on a divine name, enter a trance, and begin to 'write whatever came to his hand.'  Such a technique was reportedly used by other thirteenth century Kabbalists.  But Moses de Leon wove his various sources into a masterpiece: a commentary on the Torah in the form of a mystical novel."3 

Within this collection there is added a very strange work, something that is out of the norm when compared with the rest of the collection it is bound with.  A section that forms a small book known as Sifra di'Tzni-uta, which is known to English speaking people as, The Book of Concealment.  The work is a very small, vague and a seemingly enigmatic piece of prose instruction consisting of 5 short chapters.  Its date of origin is not absolutely known, however I believe I can pinpoint an approximation of its creation, and also prove at the same time that it is a rewrite of a much older work describing an image set that reside in the letter structure of the Torah.  When investigated in light of the materials I present, it becomes clear that the Book of Concealment was in fact, an instruction book to finding something only known to the intelligentsia of the Jewish Priesthood.  It is a much older writing than is presently surmised going back as far as a time prior to the Babylonian Exile.(see below)

The Zohar came to be published in the later 1200's, and first appeared in Castille Spain, where De Leon lived.  Its history and appearance are discussed at length in the new series "The Zohar" by Daniel C. Matt (The Pritzker Edition), pubished by Stanford University Press.  The work is still in process and volume 12 is in print as of the time of this re-writing.  I would invite anyone interested in a clearer history of the Zohar and Kabbalah to investigate Dr. Matt's work.

Another translation from a diverse set of sources, and with content dis-regarded in the Pritzker translation, is the 1889 publication by Samuel Liddell MacGregor-Mathers, The Kabbala Unveiled, (or 'Kabbalah Denuda' as it was titled in the Latin.)  I found my copy at a Barne's and Nobel Bookstore, it should be easy to find on, inexpensive as well.)  It is a manuscript copied out and published originally by Knorr von Rosenrath, from a Latin text which was a translation from the Hebrew.  The original Latin text I have yet to lay eyes on, and I am almost sure that the Hebrew text it was taken from is lost as well.  In comparing the two translations however, there are a few details that come forth showing the texts that were extant at von Rosenrot's time were, like most copies,varied in their content and numerous.  The more distinct descriptions in, S.L. MacGregor-Mathers translation, include things that I have found within the image set of the Torah text, some that are not included in the Pritzer Zohar version.  It is something to consider, if you decide to investigate the text for yourself or wish to verify my research.

Something amazing came to light concerning this configuration, the pairing of Gemini and the Sphinx, is not coincidental.  The current thinking of Archaeology is that the Sphinx dates to around 5500 B.C.E., or about 7500 years before our time.  The "Age of Gemini" began in approximately 6000 B.C.E., the placement in the timeline is perfect.  Being the Sphinx is built just after the initiation of the Age of Gemini, and it is running concurrant with the flow of time according to the forward progress of the Zodiacal Landmarks and the face-on text.  Being the ages seem to be marked by a major change of some kind, it could mark a change in the depiction of the Sphinx itself, a re-carving, if you will.  And the image which is thought originally to be that of a giant Lion by some researchers, is here depicted in a state of transition.  This is of course a moot point in light of what we find here.  Please keep in mind, this is my eye, the image is a rough draft in need of refinements.

The Book of Concealment is something scholars have long puzzled over and sought to understand.  In our modern times the book is thought to be a teaching from a lost science.   It is a work whose truths are taken as very real, and many have developed philosophical points and moralistic teachings around those verses, but no one (Jew or non-Jew,) knows how to interpret them in terms of the Torah text except by allegory.  The Book of Concealment gives in 5 chapters a progression that describes arrangements of letters, images of "the Great White-Haired One," who has no eyelids and whose eyes look out unceasingly upon His Universe, along with a number of other images and letter arrangements involving yods and vavs in particular.  The book also has a lot to say about 'balance' and symmetry, but this can only be understood by one who opens the mystery and looks at the arrangement face on.  It has only been in the past 3 years or so that I realized just what it was I had found, after many years of recording the myriad of patterns which produce images in the text.  I had found the Great White-Haired One, I also found the Lovers, and the Chariot, the Lady of Beasts (Strength), and so many others.  For these many years, I was looking at what The Book of Concealment was referring to.  There was much more I found contained in its content than what The Book of Concealment describes.  I came recently to realize that it is all a matter of the time in history in which one lives that dictates how much one can glean from the text in terms of the image content.  Given a person is studied enough, has experienced life and been exposed to a variety of cultures, those images will open a realm of information beyond what is in the the simple face-on reading text of the Torah.  And it is all found by a mathematical formula and very simple method of 'mapping mirror letters' on each line.

It has only been in the last year, that due to some discoveries in the Torah's textual construction, that a thought struck me: the Book of Concealment was 'edited', and that was done to hide a change that was made to a very important piece of an ancient story.  A simple 'losing of content', assuring no one could find the key, because if they did, they would find the secreted plot that was carried out by members of the Priesthood!  My studies have not only brought forth an understanding of the connection between the Book of Concealment and the Torah text, but brought me smack dab into the middle of the crux of a mystery.  And that mystery is, 'Who' changed the story, and the instructions in the Book of Concealment, to cover their tracks?  And more importantly, WHEN?  You see the confusion among many connections of stories or changing to the details to some stories is caused by the 'missing pieces' - edits that were made to make the text say something it did not originally say.  The works that have been produced by this research can explain most if not all of the reasons 'why' people are want to say that the Torah is full of contradictions.

working sketch angel of

one construction of The
            Kashaptu (Witch)

The image on the left is comprised of about 5 of the center grids, the head of the Angel is the 34th grid.  If one takes the time you will find not only the Angel, and the sun, but in the upside down position is to be found, Lady Nuit - one of the prime images found in the funerary make up of a sarcophogus, a goddess associated with funerary rites and the process of the journey to the next world. On the right side is an image I have experimented with a lot, I named this particular construction, The Witch.  The text covers plates 11 and 12, letter #48933 (Genesis 33:15:01:06) to #57910 (Genesis 39:07:02:03).  This figure can also be shown as a spirit rising above two magicians scrying in a globe, and again as Potiphar's Wife, shown with false tears and a Wild African Dog around her neck(!)  As one should realize by now there are layers of images that weave in and through other images within the text, but it is the amount of information that provides the real paradox as to 'Who' put it there.

I can say with a surety that the Torah is more than some ancient scroll to be relegated to the pile of history -- to be ridiculed by small minds and those who deem themselves 'godless,' it is much more.  It may in fact be the one thing we need to survive ourselves as a species on this Planet and in this Universe!  The one thing that will explain our purpose for being sentient, for being the only animal on this Planet with the power to remove all life from the face of this Planet.  Within it is a chronicle of Time, and not just Jewish history - World history.  I will not however claim that EVERYTHING is in there, like one famous Rabbi did.  No, I cannot say such a thing, I don't think any one person can.  The information was meant to be found, that much can be said.  And being found again, is not without purpose, but to say it contains everything about everyone - if he means, on the other hand, 'only those written in the Book of Life', then he came close to a very real truth, whose explanation must come only after a thorough scrutiny of the text and its patterns.

The image set in the Torah, is a compilation of ancient wisdom teachings.  There are gods and goddesses, plants and animals, events, star charts, the original Tarot and faces of known characters, plainly to be seen if one looks with a discerning eye at the text.

Below are three images, the one on the left is from the THOTH Deck, and in deference to the kind Egyptian gentleman who corrected my pronunciation of the name - it is pronounced: "Ta-Hot", (published by Wieser.)  The original concept was claimed by Aliester Crowley, from his interpretation of the ancient teachings he was able to glean in his wide travels, and painted by Lady Frieda Harris.  The image in the center is from the middle of the 'Tapestry' section, which is the approximate center of a Torah Scroll, also in 3 plates.  In it we find the Sun at the top, shining down on the living, great and small, firm and infirm, shining over a walled city.  And below that image is The Angel of Judgment, calling forth the dead from the Earth.  What is most interesting to me about this set is that what we are looking at in reality is the junction between the constellations Leo (The Sun), and Virgo (the Female Angel who comes dressed as a Warrior).  They sit complete, in the middle three grids of the 67 cube root set.  The Zodiacal Cycle as it appears in the Torah, begins with Aries the Ram, who is also the image of Amun Ra in reversed view from the Second Grid plate of the set.  The third image to the right is from the Rider-Waite deck (US Games,pub.) Designed by Edward Arthur Waite, this is the Major Arcana card, 'Judgment.'  (TAROT according to Western Occultists, in Old French was used to describe the Wheel in the Sky, that is the Zodiac.  The more correct interpretation comes from the word itself read backwards and transliterated into Hebrew: Tarot = 'Torat,' that is: 'Laws.'; cf. II Samuel 07:19: 'The Laws of Man.')

The Sun from the Thoth
            Deck (Aliester Crowley.)

The Sun and the Angel of
            Judgment - the junction of Leo and Virgo.

Judgment from the
            Rider-Waite Deck.

The image in the Center is known from the Tarot, as the Judgment card, one of the Major Arcana, and it is comprised of the 33rd, 34th and 35th grids in the 67 grid series, it runs from letter #147691 to #161157.  To either side you see on the left 'the Sun' - showing the 'hill' which forms the walled city under the Sun, and makes up the Angel's Helmet, this image is from the THOTH deck designed by Aliester Crowley and illustrated by Lady Frieda Harris.  to the right side: We see the 'Judgment', from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, designed by Edward Arthur Waite and illustrated by Pamela Coleman Smith.

The 'grid' images you see here, were transferred from the transcribed text onto desktop quadrille paper and all letters not mapped left blank according to letters in each line (in this case 67), the digital text was done with one space between each letter not so the black and white quadrille grids. Those that were mapped as equidistant from the center were filled in with black marker to eliminate the clutter of looking into the entire text and visually sorting out the mapped letters.  The plates one at a time were then photographed and put together in a graphics application on my computer, one below the other in order from first to last.  The complete image set is comprised of 67 grids 67 letters wide, 67 lines deep and containing 4489 letters each.  This body of text is comprised of 300,763 letters of the total 304,805 letters that make up the Torah.

Having not been born into a Jewish family or having been hedged round by the plethera of various traditions of Judaism which abound, I was able to function outside those rigorous tenets.  Not being Jewish has given me the ability to follow the inspiration and ideas that would strike me as daily I worked in the text, I was without the restriction of a talmudic-style teacher who would censor my thinking and thought process.  For a few millenia now the Jews have been so entrenched in tradition that in most cases that rigidity has closed the Torah to any person really seeking its insights.  More often than not this has been led by 'traditions' and for the most part, mythologies not to mention the rule of individual rabbinical approaches and guidance.  In this sense 'tradition' has been a choke-hold on the rediscovery of this ancient knowledge.  And it should be remembered that the sources which come from the Sages are in many cases from the 5th century B.C.E., or earlier.  The most revered Sage material is concentrated in the Middle ages, and is based for the most part in errant science.  There is no denying the mishnaic structure to most of the teaching from that time period.  And it is not just to be tossed as being something fantastic and of no mean basis as there is a lot of wisdom to be considered.  But in our day we see the same teachings being taken as 'the words of G-d' for so many in the ultra-0rthodoxy, even though the leaders of these cults are fairly educated MEN for the most part, they are ignorant and without knowledge of why they are.  Though that could be called into question with the actions of many of these hard-line ultra-zealots!  Then also, like many fundamentalist Christians, it is also among fundamentalist Jewish Sects (Ultra-Orthodoxy, Chassidim and Haredim,) that much is taken literally that is really not meant to be, much is explained in terms that are askew from the real truth of the matter and much is overlooked because of the rigid traditions of men; which tend to supercede the Laws of G-d.

And the rabbis all the while were totally ignorant of the great wealth of information within the Torah text themselves because of a long line of Priestly 'tradition' that went unquestioned.  Which means most went ignorant by their choice(!)  But it can also be said their deepest ignorance was mainly due to this knowledge having left the collective memory of the Jewish people sometime between the time of the Death of Moses and the first Babylonian Captivity and the workings of a specific set of the Priesthood.

It is also during the Babylonian Captivity that the Jewish Priesthood, became the leading force of social and legal matters for the Jewish People, and a class unto themselves, separate from the common Jew.  Some may argue this, but with a perusal of Jewish Sage writings this becomes very evident.

There is a most glaring example of just how tradition-bound the Jewish priesthood had gotten found in the New Testament:  where the one known today as "Jesus" (whose name was really "Yehoshua" or Joshua) confronted what the King James text calls 'Lawyers,' and says to them, "Woe unto you, Lawyers!  For ye have taken away the key of knowledge:  Ye entered not in yourselves, and them that were entering, ye hindered!"4   He was not talking to men who were just scholars of the Law (Torah), these men who were termed 'Lawyers' were really those who were Masoretes - Masters of the Tradition.  They were the men who were the 'editors' and keepers the words of the Torah text.  It was these men who studied day and night to 'perfect God's Torah,' that is to make the Torah text 'closer' to the original, as they conceived it.5  Yehoshua knew that the ignorance on their part of the existance of a Key of Wisdom, was due to the removal of any study other than that permitted by Rabbinic Law, which disallows any study outline other than what the chief Rabbi or the teacher of students prescribes for their study.  And therefore, after generations of such rule, and being ignorant of the ancient teachings actual source, they cut themselves out of the understanding of the wisdom that was even then only a legend and preserved only among the writings of the Kabbalists (the main body of Mystics in their day.)  But it is to these Kabbalists that we owe a debt of gratitude for having kept all the long years teachings even they did not understand in full, but knew were part and parcel of something very important that would be one day revealed in whole and not just in part.  So there is something to be said for 'tradition' - the Jews were called (by G-d !) a 'Stiff-necked and stubborn people.'  It was mostly this stubborness that preserved what remains to us of the original text of the Hebrew Torah!

Moses, the Scribe and

Angel of the Book

In this pairing we see two three grid strips: On the left we have plate 25, 26 and 27 that goes from letter #111779 (Exodus 23:20:04:03) to #125245 (Exodus 31:11:05:02). The images are easily interpreted from scripture: "You, Moses shall be as G-d unto the people, and Aaron will be your Prophet.." but what is interesting in this array is that there sits a Scribe in between the two Portraits.  On the right side is "The Angel of the Book," from grids 30, 31 and 32.  This image spans the text from letter #134224 (Exodus 36:29:02:02) to #147690 (Leviticus 05:24:10:05,) which in the modern Tarot has taken on a couple of different portrayals - Such as Crowley's Interpretation of the Major Arcana 'ART'.  But here we can plainly see it is an Angel reading from a scroll (or book.)  There is a 'secret' to the Angel - He is reading from the Book of Life.  This section contains references to WWII, as evidenced by the presence of a picture of 'the Enemy of Mankind'- and initiator of the Holocaust, portrayed here, as an anthropomorphic dog.

As for Yehoshua, he was a prodigy.  This is pointed out in another place where he is found 'arguing with the scholars.' He was 12 years old.  Had he not been worthy of arguing with, he would have been beaten for being an upstart, and his parents punished; As a Jewish Male, you do not reach the age of accountability until your 13th birthday.  He was arguing Torah with them!  Personally I believe that by the time he was said to have confronted the Masters of Tradition, he had been introduced to some of what The Book of Concealment describes in the Mystical studies of the Kabbalah, and that is very likely the reason for his comment to the 'Lawyers'.  It also seems pretty clear to me, that being a good law-abiding Jewish son, he didn't spend the years of his youth in some foreign land or only working carpentry; he was deeply studied in the Torah.  I maintain that he spent that time studying Torah among the Mystics.  He may have even encountered a form of The Book of Concealment which he was able to decipher for himself.

An even more blatant example of how those who have edited the Torah for their own sense of 'perfecting' it, can be seen in the two pictures at the top of this page.  On the left is the 'Traditional*' text version of the first plate that corresponds to The Book of Concealment.  On the right is the same body of text edited by Rabbi Dr. Mordechai Breuer.  This text became the basis for the Torah edit, which was adopted as the Official Torah text of Israel in 2004.  This version or edit is known as the Crown of Jerusalem (that is, Keter Yerushalemi).  This should by example show you something of the importance of correcting this mistaken work!  I am sure Rabbi Breuer wasn't aware of the changes he made by moving just two 'WoW's', and neither was anyone else because they did not and do not know the mathematical key.  In the one version (the Traditional text,) you get the Great White-Haired One, in the other (the Ben Asher-based texts) you get a BEAST devouring a Human head.  It is said that moving one letter or removing one letter in the Torah, can change time and the Universe  -  Should there be anything to that teaching, I would then have to say, that this world of in-Humanity is in trouble..!

I came to find out most recently that Koren Publishers in Israel have abandoned the Traditional text and now are only printing the Keter text.  Again we see a wiping out of existence or the attempt to, of the REAL Hebrew Torah text - and this time by the 'scholarship' of Hebrew University itself!

(*this is to differentiate between two different texts of the Hebrew Torah; the Masoretic, based on Codex Leningradensis; and the Traditional Text as published in a number of standard Hebrew Torahs in book form - cf. with KTAV publishing house's, Tikkun L'Karaim, The Return to Calling, 'reading aloud the scriptures'.  Or for that matter, Aryeh Kaplan's, Living Torah, there is also the 1917 version of the Tanach, by the Hebrew Publishing Company of New York.  All of these Torah's use the same textual source.  The lineage of this particular text, as I have come to understand it is in fact, Yemeni.)  As noted above the traditional text is no longer printed by Koren, but is available (new condition) on if a person wishes to find and use one.

The text of The Book of Concealment is keyed to images found by the mathematical key and then mapping of the Hebrew letters of the Torah according to the ancient mathematical geometry I mentioned earlier.  The closest example we have of the original script comes from the Samaritan Torah.  (There are others who tend to hold that a more Proto Hebrew or 'old Hebrew' was used, however the Samaritan Script is closer to the style of lettering originally used. Now granted, this is 'my' studied opinion.)  The Samaritans at one time were a people joined to the Hebrews, but due to a clash of leadership and philosophical differences, they parted ways and chose to become a people unto themselves prior to the Babylonian Exile, (which was not a removing of the entire populace of Judea, but really a taking away of the intelligensia and tradesmen to the Cities of the Assyrians who conquered the Israelite kingdom - The Assyrians were usurpers of technology from the earliest times).  The change to the letter style into the modern form we see today occurred during the Babylonian Exile.  The first of these 'exiles' dates to around 597 B.C.E.

Something that should be noticed here for those who wish to study more closely: the letter transliteration from Samaritan to Hebrew text is equivalent - that is to say the letter values and sounds are identical (there are regional pronunciations noted just as there are cognates between Hebrew and Assyrian words.)

Hand-done desktop work
            single page

Hand-done desktop work
            with double page presentation

This is a pair of photos I took of my original endeavor.  They are done on desktop quadrille pad paper in pencil with the mapped letters inked and special notations can be seen all over the place.  One day soon I hope to complete this handwritten set, just for the sheer joy of doing the letters and finding the patterns that are not evident without prudent scrutiny of each plate of text.

When the whole story is told, I am willing to state that the mathematical key that is required to 'open' the text is important in and of itself, because it shows that the mathematics used among those Jewish scholars was far in advance of the civilizations around them (especially the civilization that conquered their territories and destroyed their First Temple.)  The Assyrians had great military might and ability in math enough to construct great structures and lay out waterways for irrigation and plot the travels of the stars in the heavens.  Though they were able to calculate the cube roots of numbers, their mathematics was limited in its scope.  The math needed to find the image set requires the derivation of a cube root beyond what is known to be their greatest endeavor of 32,762.  The derivation of cube roots is something they achieved for numbers up to the number 32,768 with the cube root of 32.  The ancient Egyptians were only known to accomplish this some time after 1000 B.C.E..  However, this may yet be proven wrong, owing to the profusion of recent discoveries in ancient Cuneiform and Egyptian texts.

Speaking of the ancient Egyptians, there is to be found a great amount of Egyptian iconography within the image set, which provides us a lot of questions as to why a Hebrew text dedicated to the pronouncements of a 'Tribal G-d' would allow for such a thing.  The age of the Torah is estimated at around 3500 B.P.E., which places its origin around 1500 B.C.E.  So it may be surmised that the image patterns were extant from the very beginning of the Torah.  This however was not in the present pattern sequence we observe in our day.  The patterns were rearranged by the moving of two lines, possibly in the time of Joshua (the Joshua whose book is next in line following the Torah).  This rearrangement affected the text from the Book of Exodus (about the 24th chapter) to the Book of Numbers (chapter 10: vs's 35-36, which is where the two lines appear now.)  The important thing to realize in this explanation is that the pattern was totally rearranged in this portion.  However it still provides a understandable set patterns even after the moving of the 85 letters of the two lines!  And the patterns tell of a change in the timeline of Jewish history.  They also provide us with the clues to edits by the Masoretes who were 'in charge' of the Torah text for the early centuries of the First Millennium C.E., and the Scribes who were in charge of caring for the exactness of the text over a few thousand years. 

The one area in particular of the text where an edit is made known by using the key; it appears as a very obvious dead space of equal quantity (three lines) before and after that section the edit and is not made obvious in any other way.  And it appears in a rather pronounced way, due to its complete lack of logical pattern continuation or presence of any mappable letters.  -  This portion deals with a personage that not only links the Jews to their orgins, but which the Christians, Muslims and Catholics use to tie their religions to the Hebrew Scriptures, which are known to Jews as the Tanak (a term combining the three portions of the Old Testament's names in Hebrew: Ta - Torah, the Law; Na - Neviim, the Prophets; and K - Ketuviim, the Writings. )  The introduction of this fact (the particular story that was edited,) in light of our present world condition could prove very problematic for the Jews living in Israel - it corrects a mistake in possession of land. These more modern religions that align themselves to the Hebrew Scriptures through such parts of the Torah, will the very basis for their 'religion' to be non-extant.  This work has to be made known to the world, especially now, as a friend told me, "If you were to die today, who would come to know of this?  It might be lost forever - again!"  It is with this and now the fact that the Traditional text is slowly and methodically being replaced in Judaism in mind that I now write this information for public viewing, in preparation for publication of my research and the full display of the image set.  And though I have to state these are only my findings, you may or may not see the same thing, however no matter it is a fact that the patterns are there. This knowledge cannot be allowed to be forgotten again!

second ark image 1a

second ark image

This is a very interesting piece of the text, grids 8 and 9, only set upside down.  The text spans from letter #35466 (Genesis 26:20:11:02) to #44443 (Genesis 31:17:01:03).  I was quite taken by surprise when I found this image of two priests lifting an Ark.  In the upright position there is the Zodiacal Sign of Gemini, that image is very Egyptian in style.  the 'Ark' makes an appearance three times in the image set.  I would find it hard to believe that an average person would not be able to pick this image out, almost immediately.

Atheists and people who hold motives such as Antisemitism are thick as fleas in this world of our day, but I fully intend to make this known to any who have the understanding to grasp what the Torah is trying to say.  How can it not be to this generation to us in this day, after this rediscovery?  For surely that is what it is on face examination.  It was seen by others a very long time ago it was seen by someone else, the very proof of this fact is The Book of Concealment  itself.

And though this may come off to you as amateurish because I have not foot-noted ad nauseum each and every source, as should properly be done when presenting a paper or theory; I have repeatedly tried to improve my presentation to you all in my approach to this subject.  This page has been an experiment in preparing to write.   Certainly 20 years of study has benefitted me with the enlightening of my 'Self' to its own ignorance.  I, myself, still have so many questions about various parts of the story, and the creation of the Torah and Tarot.  Soon I shall have the material complete and arranged to present not only the full corpus of the Traditional Torah text but the text of a composite Ben Asher style text based on the Leningrad Codex (of which I have a recently published facsimile edition.)

That being said, I can only say furher that I know enough that were I standing before anyone in the face of scholarly rational scrutiny, I would be able to expose plainly the secret that has been buried for so long a time with my research and methods.   The Torah text has something that must be shown to this modern world:  Yes!, there is a "G-d", but the way that Entity is shown to us in the nuance of this text, should cause us all to pause and consider at the very least, in light of what we will find there.

I have continued with this work almost daily, if not on paper then meditating on what I had been shown or seeking to come up with a needed resource.  But then it is after all is said and done; my job.  And I haven't found anyone else inspired to do it, or who even understands what it is all about!  So I am making this presentation and soon there will be a Manual on how to find the Torah in the Hebrew text of the Torah.  I happen to love what I do.  And through all the rejection or ignorance of others, I have come to recognize that this information is not wanted by many clergy or 'researchers', because it will undermine all that they have built up for reputation and esteem as 'experts'.  In its very nature this work will upset all the religious entities that try to base their dogmas on the Torah.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what the Mayan Books of Chilam Bilam predicted in the prophecy for 2 Ahau, the Baktun directly following the 'end of the former calendaric cycle' which ended in 2012;  "There will be an END TO GOD."  Or as I think it really meant:  "An end to the MYSTERY of G-d."  This is for us, Childhood's End.  This is Iconoclast to our day.

Additional work, and detailed notes I hope to make available in appendices, provided the Universe allows me the time to continue   --  or better yet a brain that can parse quicker and clearer than it seems to be able to do now.

Ol' what's his face

Just to clarify where I am in all of this:  I do not practice Judaism, Christianity, Islam, or any other religion, I am a Pagan.  I have been a Pagan since 1979, and I remain so because it seems the Universe wants me to keep it that way!  I do hold an ordination, and have since 1978.  Please do not think of me as rash or meaning insult, or hating anyone because I am pointing out facts.  This project is for the saving of Life, all our lives.  The Torah is not a mythological tale, it is a science, a collection of information that we in our day need to rediscover and understand, so that we can keep ourselves from blowing civilization and everything else, off the face of this planet.  And in light of what can be seen in the text from my point of view, it will take some time to work it all out.  However, the best way I have come up with describing the Torah text is envisioning it as a "Quantum Database."  As such it has the function of activating the only quantum computer our species really has: OUR BRAIN.  But this is just my observation.  What will come of this once it is made fully made known is a story yet to be written.

Please note: This is not a product of my mind, for surely if I could devise this whole schema, I should be called the greatest genius of all time(!)  No! I assure you one thing; this all happened for one reason and one reason only.  I allowed myself to follow an 'inner voice'.  (You who are atheist can laugh now if you want, but I don't back down from what I know to be true.) And through that inspiration and quite literally being given clues, references, materials and other guides, this work has come together.  But always there was (and still is,) this drive in my inner self to dig deeper into the text.  In that digging, I found what I always had suspected was there: science.  You can criticize me and my approach to this study, but you had better have your facts in order when you take on this text, because it, the Torah, will set you straight and you might not like what it has to say.

This Torah is a kind of 'living fossil' -- the missing link as it were -- to complete our evolution into a deeper understanding of our presence in this reality, that tells us we really are important in the scheme of this Universe.  That there is a reason to our sentience, and it is not all by chance.  And that this Universe is a living thing and Sentient unto itself.  And we are a part of that, which is what we need to learn to understand: mankind is a part of a much greater whole, and important to that whole!  Those who say otherwise are deluded - even the Physics of our day is showing us that!


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There is a lot to this story that has to be left out, for good reason, it should be enough of a shock to most people to learn of the 'watermark' in the text of the Hebrew Torah.  There was always a scale that was out of balance since time immemorial, we are no strangers to the twists and turns of history nor can we predict with any true integrity the future - But I know someone did, and someone else dared to change it! (and not just once!)  But how, I will leave it to those with enough curiosity to truly study the matter, to search this out further in the work I will be presenting...  However do feel free to contact me, at any time by email, if you so desire.

I wish Peace to you, and Blessed Be!

Respectfully Yours,
Manuel, the Scribe

For further information please feel free to email me at:  Temple of the Blue Moon Press.