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The Torah, the Tarot and the book of Daniel.

          In the Book of Daniel, we read the following:

          Daniel 12:04; “But you Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end.  Many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased...”

          – from the King James II trans.

          The book Daniel closed and sealed up was the Torah not the book he is attributed to having written and given the name Daniel; Judge of God.  Daniel, looked at in the proper light will bring a person to realize; Daniel may have been and probably was a consortium of Elders and High Priests not just a single person.  The evidence is too great to believe it was only a single priest.  What I realized some years after opening that lock on the text was that you will find the reason stated seems it is not one so holy as is presumed by what is written there in chapter 12.  What I came to find was that a crime, a crime against the word of G-d had been hidden away from the possibility of discovery by a combination of re-ordering the text, writing a couple of traditions and removing hints from the Torah text itself and for that matter all related materials.  But they didn't succeed in the case of the Talmudic Father's and the more ancient teachings contained therein; those were too well known.  Daniel's actual source of guidance to do what was done would then be really known unto them only  And they're all dead; so we are left to find out the facts from what scraps we can.  What Daniel 12:04 says is that there is a time-release-message within the Torah itself.  The one or one's who did these changes realized that sooner or later that sin would be found, out of course long after they were gone. And so it has been.; being rediscovered again in December of 1997.

          In the year 2000(C.E.) I found that my connection to all of this was engraved in letters, and like Kirby J. Hensley said it would be 23 years from his pronouncement until the Mystery of God would be solved (even after proclaiming it was done in 1977 because a couple years before it was said in the seminaries that God was dead.)  1977 was an important year in my young Christian life as well, being the year William Marrion Branham said all would be complete according to what he thought.  I was made aware that wasn't exactly going to prove out - in a dream which came to be in 1978.  I look back now at those days as lessons that brought me forth to this time; a time I see things quite differently.  I am ordained and a functionary; but I am not a Christian, Jew, Muslim or what have you, I am and will remain to my last breath a Pagan.  But one thing is for sure - from my research; G-d as that being is commonly called - is not dead.  The work I have done will be published one way or another, it has to be; this message to humanity cannot disappear from memory again - if it does we are quite fucked.  And that is technically speaking.  Mom, is about to administer the spankings.  If you feel so led you can write me at the email link provided.  Thank you for reading this note and Be well, Do the best you can and go in Peace.

          Blessed Be!  I am respectfully yours, Rev. Manuel Colunga-Hernandez H.P. Temple of the Blue Moon Coven.

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